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Candace Allen is an International Interior Designer & Feng Shui Master serving clients worldwide including Paris, London, Riyadh,
New York, and Los Angeles

a design studio

Candace is a business-minded artist and owner of Candace Allen, a design studio. Combining Interior Design and Feng Shui enables her to work on a deeper level to physically and energetically transform a space. Candace loves working with her clients to create unique homes that are gorgeous, inviting, and uplifting. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration and educated in Interior Design and Architecture at UCLA and became certified in Feng Shui through Amanda Collins’ International Feng Shui School, a Gold Level standard.






As a residential designer, Candace believes in the importance of preservation and maintaining the roots of the physical space, while breathing in new life and energy into a remodel or redesign. She is known to walk into a room and quickly locate the unique details that represent her clients; noting unobvious associations, and bringing all of it together through impeccable design. Her style can best be described as a marriage of the quirky accents of Mid-Century Modern, with the glamor and sophistication of Hollywood Regency.

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