This project propelled me to establish Candace Allen the design firm. After a few world events seemingly derailed my professional progress, I thought it a good time for change. Wanting stability I convinced myself it was best to go into a completely different industry. Shortly thereafter an opportunity arose to oversee the remodel of this 1980s condo in Oklahoma City. Of all places, right? One thing led to another… and the rest is history. The renovations on Coletta were complete in 2014.

"I love the condo, and plan on having it always. Thank you for what you created for me. "

Mark Powell



Funky Stuff

When your client is a trophy hunter things can get weird. I was given the task to arrange Powell's 14 piece taxidermy collection in his new 2400sf condo. First I thought to myself, is this even possible without looking tacky; and Second, what would make dead animals acceptable? The only thing I could come up with was to make the taxidermy as lively and colorful as possible. Once conceived in my mind I had to bring it to reality. This little art project got mixed reviews. I would like to share: all taxidermy was at least a decade old, and no longer wanted by the hunters & I love animal and could never shoot at them.