My Story

I hold a BA in Business Administration and attended UCLA ID program from 2005-2008. A mere 3 courses shy of earning my post grad certificate I was presented with a rare opportunity to oversee interior design projects in Paris, London, and the Middle East. I couldn’t resist, and the experience proved to be worthwhile! In 2013 I established my own residential design firm.

Over the years I have had many homes. It was living in a high-rise loft in Downtown Los Angeles that made me realize environments have an undeniable affect on my mood, health and well-being. At first I loved the excitement and pulsing energy of the city. After about a month it wore me out. 

What was it about this home that adversely affected me?  I was fascinated and wanted to learn more, so I revisited Feng Shui. Within a few months I moved to a new home and became a Certified FS Master through Amanda Collins’ International Feng Shui School, a gold level institute (highest standard).

Feng Shui changed my life and now I am here to help you attain the same benefits.